Alexis Rosen
Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Over the course of our lives we develop an internalized belief system stemming from our early immediate interactions to broader societal messages that may leave us feeling confused, conflicted or empty. If you are feeling stuck or in need of a place to simply explore, therapy can offer you a safe place to explore the expected to the unexpected parts life has to offer.

My personal style of therapy combines implementing strategies from cognitive behavioral therapy to provide building structures of strength while working from an attachment perspective. I believe building a strong relationship and having a safe place to explore feelings without judgment is important to succeed in transferring success from therapy into your everyday life.

I offer treatment for adults, families, couples, children and teens. Over the years, I have received specialized trainings in working with children who have experienced trauma(s) at varying ages, and am trained in trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy. Working with children and teens who have gone through traumatic experiences and helping them to empower themselves brings me some of the greatest joys life has to offer. In addition to trauma work, I offer parenting support in helping to better understand and communicate with your child and teen.

I also offer therapy focusing on the mental health needs of those suffering from (and caretaking for) chronic illness. In an era of chronic pain and numerous illnesses, we tend to forget the impact this can have on us emotionally. Attending therapy allows you to have a safe place to openly explore the impact of having your life and body change. Therapy can also allow a place for you and your significant other (or family) or explore what is the new normal.

I completed my undergraduate work at San Jose State University, and finished my graduate studies at Antioch University, obtaining a M.A in Clinician Psychology. In my down time I enjoy going on hikes and petting every dog I can find along the way. For more information please see my full website:

Works out of our Burbank and Pasadena offices, under supervision of Kristine Adamian, LCSW.
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