Amanda Sargenti

Did you know that in the 1650’s Psychology used to be called the study of the soul (from the modern Latin “psychologia”)? However, during the course of history, this very same word shifted its meaning to the study of the mind (from the ancient Greek roots “psyche”). Interesting, isn’t it? And although a lot has changed during the last few hundred years, we are still trying to understand the mind and all that goes along with it.

My approach, although honoring the complexities of the mind, is to also incorporate and listen to the wisdom and the needs of the soul for I believe in the body, mind, spirit integration and collaboration. Everything affects everything else…

I received my B.A. in Speech and Communication from San Francisco State University. In addition to being classically trained in systems theory and having a Master’s degree in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy from Loyola Marymount University, my degree and experience also encompasses Clinical Art Therapy.

Art Therapy is a specialization that uses different media to help make the unconscious conscious, the “invisible visible.” It is a gentle, non-invasive way to explore, identify and express thoughts and feelings. Furthermore, Art Therapy can be used with any age group as it is process driven, not product oriented. No artistic skills are necessary.

For over ten years now, I have been working in diverse mental health settings ranging from outpatient agencies to hospitals, both medical and psychiatric. In working with diverse constellations of individuals, couples, families and groups, I have helped find relief for various symptoms such as depression, grief and loss, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic physical pain, transition/adjustment difficulties, work/life balance, burnout (personal/work), artistic/creative blocks, self-esteem, existential/spiritual exploration, mind-body-spirit awareness/integration, mindfulness, stress management/relaxation, and self-esteem. I have also helped increase communication and understanding between individuals and am fluent in English, Spanish, German and basic French.

When providing therapy, I do not believe that “one size fits all,” because everybody has different needs, expectations, and a unique way of understanding and looking at the world. Therefore, I focus on meeting the client where they are at, and after establishing rapport, use different skills and creative interventions to help facilitate growth in the direction they would like to go. Whatever the situation might be, the needs of the clients and the therapeutic process will guide the way. If my approach resonates with you, call so we can see if this might be a good fit for all parties involved.
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