Atsie Yasutake

My work started many years ago with autistic children and their families, conducting behavioral therapy and providing parent training. Following graduate school, I worked in elementary, middle and high schools, providing substance prevention counseling, as well as mental health individual and group therapy. I then worked in an intensive outpatient treatment program for children, adolescents, and young adults with severe mental health symptoms, including psychosis, behavioral disturbance, and violence towards self and others. Then with the forensic population, collaborating with law enforcement in treating those on probation, to reintegrate into society, with the use of rehabilitative support and resources. Most recently, my work has been with more independent children and adults, coping with a variety of mental health issues, life stressors, and past traumas. This work has been rewarding and I consider it a privilege to be allowed into the worlds of others, in the space between who they are and who they want to be.
I believe in the human capacity for self healing, and the use of therapy to support this journey. Life is full of transitions that often evoke a range of emotion that can be challenging to manage, but the use of support, and a safe space to explore, can lighten the load. Do you feel alone? Confused? Overwhelmed? Difficulty communicating with a challenging child or teen?
Depression, anxiety, stress, trauma. Many people experience these symptoms on a regular basis and many people struggle to cope with, and manage these symptoms, alone. My passion is in walking with others in their struggle, providing positivity, energy, and most importantly, HOPE. Strength is not in the ability to tolerate life alone, but rather, in the awareness and willingness to accept support when you need it most. I have been honored in my career, in supporting some of the most resilient people, and I look forward to continuing this work, in helping others to see their own strength and resilience to unlock the their potential.

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