Cecilia Penailillo

Cecilia is passionate about her work and a firm believer that inner strength, determination and hope can lead you to grow.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Cecilia has worked with individuals, teens/young adults and couples hoping to enhance and strengthen their own potential as well as improving relationships in all areas of life. Cecilia received her MA in Counseling Psychology from Ryokan College and worked for almost 8 years at a Mental Health Non-profit organization in the city of Los Angeles. Cecilia provided individual, family, and couples therapy; mainly adolescents who struggled with symptoms of depression, anxiety and/or ADD/ADHD.

In recent years, Cecilia has received specialized trainings in the utilization of several Evidenced Based Practiced therapeutic interventions; which mainly focus on the treatment of Trauma (TFCBT), Depression (IPT) and Anxiety (MAP). To date, she continues to work with individuals and teens/children who deal with a wide range of behavioral and emotional problems.

Prior to her work as a therapist, Cecilia spent almost 11 years working as a behavioral consultant who provided behavioral support trainings to parents as well as school consultations to teachers. Cecilia’s work focus also included presentations and workshops on Behavior Modification Theory; especially targeting children and adults with developmental disabilities (i.e. Autistic Spectrum). Cecilia has helped many families to navigate the challenges of raising healthy individuals with developmental disabilities. Currently, she continues to conduct Behavioral Modification Workshops several times per year at a local Regional Center.

Cecilia would love to help you find your own path towards meaningful living.

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