David Ixtlahuac

When life becomes overwhelming and stressful, we may experience intense anxiety. This anxiety can cause us to lose meaning and joy in our lives. It can also affect our interpersonal relationships. I am here to help you. Together, we can journey towards a more thriving life, so that you do not feel helpless, or alone.

I specialize in providing a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship for my clients to use in personal growth. I ensure to provide a warm and welcoming presence for clients who may be doubtful of his or her self-worth or uncertain about their identity. I hope to act as a guide for my clients working through his or her own issues, free of judgment and evaluation, permitting them to reach their true potential towards change. During each session, I aim to be present and focus on how your current experience has been shaped by your past, and within the therapeutic relationship itself.

I have extensive experience providing individual, couples, group, and family psychotherapy. I have a strong background in treating anxiety, substance and alcohol abuse treatment, and eating disorders. My current focus is treating adolescents, children, and teenagers who have suffered from adverse experiences and trauma. I completed by undergraduate studies in 2013 at Azusa Pacific University and earned my Masters’ in Clinical Psychology the same university.

It would be an honor to be a part of a client’s healing and transformation process towards a more present and connected life. I am a phone call away from being a part of your journey!

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