Dr. Estelle Toby Goldstein


When you need your own personal, private doctor, I will do whatever it takes to treat you right. Although I've had more training and experience than you would think one person can have in a lifetime, I believe in a balanced, whole body approach to patient care.

Yes, you can say it is the type of old-fashioned care you can’t get anywhere else.

Today's average managed care system gives a doctor about 10 minutes with each patient and the doctor sees upwards of 20 or 25 patients per day.

This can result in:
● Wrong Diagnosis
● Wrong Prescription
● Wrong Dosage
● More Side Effects
● Slower Recovery – or No Recovery
● Frustration for the patient and the doctor
● Potential danger for the patient

Some call me the doctor of last resort. With my training in surgery, neurology and psychiatry, I can often catch overlooked symptoms and correct a missed diagnosis. Even if I am not able to directly treat you, I can usually recommend what type of specialist you should speak for those elusive, mysterious problems.

I am dedicated to the highest level of care you can receive. My practice is totally patient-driven, and that means listening to the patient as well as discussing alternatives, risks and benefits of available treatments.

To me, you are more than just a number on a medical record. That's why I like to say, "I love my patients well."

Dr. Goldstein works exclusively with clients who are 18 years or older
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