Kim Dittu

Making a commitment to change by seeking therapy can be the first step in healing from past hurts, coping with current stressors, or building a more fulfilling future. I believe that each person’s therapeutic journey should be as unique as they are, and therefore tailor treatment to each individual and their specific needs.

I have extensive knowledge in attachment theory and neurobiology, and come from a psychodynamic perspective. I see an array of clients with many different challenges, but typically focus on areas such as strengthening relationships and communication, exploring maladaptive relational patterns, providing parenting support and guidance, confronting damaging behaviors and developing healthier coping strategies, improving affect regulation, and dealing with life transitions and disruptions. My primary goal is to create a space in which my clients feel safe and cared for as we work collaboratively to process their unique thoughts and feelings. I strive to help clients build self-awareness and understanding of the influence of the past on present behavior, and gain insight into unconscious processes in order to foster growth and change.

I am an experienced psychotherapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCS 63288). I received my MSW from UCLA, and went on to pursue a doctoral degree through the Reiss Davis Institute. I have completed my doctoral coursework and am currently working on my dissertation, which focuses on the correlation between attachment and personality development.

Kim works out of our Pasadena office.
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