A very little key will open
a very heavy door.
-Charles Dickens

Psychological Testing

Psychological assessment offers a formal way to measure and classify traits, abilities, feelings, symptoms, and through the use of standardized tests and activities. In addition to assessing personality and emotional functioning, testing can evaluate an individual’s functioning in the area of intellectual ability. Assessment helps identify strengths and weaknesses, facilitates diagnostic decisions, aids treatment planning, and generates recommendations for symptom reduction, treatment interventions, and support services.

The assessment process can include extensive interviewing, the observations of the Psychologist, review of records, consultations with other professionals, face-to-face testing with objective tests, and self-administered subjective questionnaires. Appropriate measures will be selected based on the reason for referral and problems being assessed. After administration of tests is completed, the results are scored and interpreted, and a formal diagnostic report is written. The results and recommendations obtained during the assessment process are explained verbally to the client and/or parents in an informative feedback session.

Dr. Jennifer Pruitt, is a licensed psychologist who administers psychological testing.  Please contact her at jennifer.pruitt@soultenders.com, or 626-737-1093.