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You do not have to suffer alone. I understand that it takes a great deal of courage to reach out and seek guidance during a very difficult and challenging time in your life. As a therapist, I am guided by the importance of addressing each client as a whole and unique person. I work diligently to provide an environment that is safe and non-judgemental to help you with your journey of self-discovery. Therapy is a wonderful way to explore and help you identify ways to healthily cope with life’s challenges in an atmosphere that allows for positive change, insight building, and relief about past and present circumstances. Pain exists in many forms and I have a particular passion for working with clients that struggle to cope with the emotional and physical consequences of chronic illnesses. I’ve assisted clients in discovering coping skills and gaining understanding of the impact on the suffering person, their caregivers, and others involved. Additionally, I have extensive experience working with individuals, couples, and families around the issues of depression, anxiety, trauma, postpartum depression, interpersonal and intimate relationships, sexual abuse and assault, self harm, addictive and compulsive behaviors, identity, self-esteem, life transitions, divorce, and grief and loss. Likewise, I am certified in Prepare and Enrich for both premarital and marital counseling. It would be my honor to provide you with emotional support and assistance as we work together to help you regain a sense of peace and balance in your life through increased understanding and practical feedback that is tailored specifically to your needs and goals.

Put Your Dreams In Motion
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