Soultenders was founded in 2001 by Owner/Director, Dr. Wendy Ludecke Selevitch. Dr. Selevitch had a vision to create an environment for therapists to come together, to grow and learn from one another, in order to take helping others to another level. There independent therapists have the opportunity to be in a supportive environment and build their own private practice and market their skills to help others in their community. There are a number of independent therapists that are affiliated with us in order to take advantage of the facilities and management services that we offer that enable them to better meet your needs. Click below to read a short bio on each of our therapists to see who would best understand what you need.

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OF counseling options

Overcoming life’s problems

Individual psychotherapy can be the most effective tool for working with many different issues. As you become more conscious about your self and your values and what gives your life meaning, you can change the way you feel, how you make decisions, how you perform at work, how you relate to others and thus your dreams and goals can become more purposeful and much more fulfilling. It just takes some time, some support and investment in you.

Put your dreams in motion


People experience life events that are painful to deal with on their own. Dealing with the loss of a loved one, marital conflicts, divorce/separation, job loss, serious physical illness, work stress, school troubles, alcohol/drug abuse, depression, and anxiety are the various examples why people enter therapy. People usually feel at a loss to solve the problem. Therapy helps to clarify the confusion and sort out the issues so one has a new way of dealing with things. Therapy is a wonderful tool and yet people typically come to therapy as a last resort. Therapy does not provide instant results nor is it a cure. Most people initially feel uncomfortable and probably worse before they start feeling better. This is mainly a result of avoiding the issue causing it to build-up and take a longer time to work through. Most therapists commonly tell people, “the issue didn’t happen overnight thus it won’t be solved that quickly either”. As discouraging as this may sound, there is hope. It takes readiness and an openness to undergo therapy and just like with exercise, the rewarding results will happen gradually over time so be patient because you’re worth the wait!


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