Armine Ovasapyan

Armine Ovasapyan
Psy. D

The purpose of therapy isn’t to eliminate, but to transform.

Each part, impulse, behavior, symptoms within us have a story to tell and have the capacity to become something positive and helpful to a person’s life.

For me, an integral role of any therapist is to guide a person to begin an inner dialogue - a conversation with the parts of self that are uncomfortable and unpleasant in thought and feeling. These include fragments of depression and anxiety; fragments left in limbo from traumatic experience(s) or attachment injury(s). Parts of self that we may not like or understand; that we struggle to keep at bay in our relationships and daily interactions. To give each part a voice is to gain appreciation for it. Only through gaining clarity about who we are – the makings of us - can we arrive onto a path of compassion and calmness for all those fragments that essentially make us whole.

We are all capable of healing; I believe that. As such, we will embark on a journey of building trust – both within and with each other - to navigate through this path toward healing, together. In a safe, calm space of acceptance, you can begin to explore self; to gain insight. You are the only expert of your life and I am here as your therapist, merely to be your soundboard.

With the above-mentioned school of thought, I have worked with individuals and families alike from all walks of life, from every age beginning with the birth-5 population all the way to adulthood. Heretofore, the pinnacle of my career , undoubtedly, has been witnessing tremendous emotional and psychological maturity in individuals, dedicated to the transformation of self.

I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. Thereafter, I went on to receive my Doctorate in Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology in 2009. Since becoming a Licensed Clinical Psychologist I have been trained in a myriad of therapeutic models. Depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, attachment issues, physical, emotional and other abuse and life transitions are on the top of my professional experiences. I offer sessions both in English and Armenian.
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