John Avitabile

John Avitabile

Ideally each individual experiences life's journey in a personally unique manner while weaving the tapestry of lived experience into a meaningful and beautiful pattern reflecting their journey. As most of us have discovered, however, sometimes the actual experience can be fraught with anxiety, depression, anger, regret and disappointment. As a Therapist, I strive to use my education and life experience to help my clients reconnect with their hopes, dreams, personal and professional goals by using their undiscovered strengths and natural resilience. We will work together to find practical strategies to make life energizing, meaningful and rewarding again.

There is no one size fits all in psychotherapy and I have found that treatment modalities must be flexible to best address the needs of each client. The artful practice of psychotherapy relies on the ability of the therapist to properly assess each client and utilize the most appropriate technique.

You have already made the most critical decision in starting on your way to a happier and more healthy life journey, that is deciding to do something about what is making your life unfulfilling. The trusting bond between client and therapist is the most essential component in successful therapy.
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