Dr. Kaitlyn Kuo

Dr. Kaitlyn Kuo

“Good relationships keep us happier and healthier.” The conclusion of 75 year-long Harvard study has revealed the secret to living a happy life. I believe everyone, if given a warm, supportive, and secure space, can discover their inner-self and learn to appreciate who they genuinely are, which leads to improved relationships.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist in California and Taiwan with over 10 years of practice experience. I have helped diverse patient populations with a wide range of issues in a variety of settings, including a community mental health center, a college counseling center, a domestic violence women’s shelter, a re-entry program, an outpatient opiate treatment clinic, skilled nursing homes, a youth correctional counseling program, and an elementary school district. My training and experience have allowed me to help clients with depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship issues, among many others.

While I have enjoying treating patients in all of these areas, my specialties are working with Asian-American children, as well as pre-teens and teenagers, women, and families. Emphasizing compassion, I assist my clients with their acculturation, ethnic identify, self-identify, family relationships, and issues facing immigrant families, including cross-cultural adjustment. My approach to psychotherapy is both integrative and collaborative. I can provide therapy in English, Mandarin, and Taiwanese.

My overarching mission with each client is help them to obtain a deeper insight into their interpersonal behaviors, to heal wounded relationships, and to bring positive changes into their lives.

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