Yesenia Talavera

Yesenia Talavera

Life can be messy. Often there are obstacles and stressors that can stand in the way of us being our true selves. When you add anger, depression, and anxiety to the mix, your journey can begin to feel even more overwhelming.

What if there was a way to clear the fog, gain some clarity, and begin to reach your full potential? Many find that therapy does just that.

As a Bilingual (Spanish) Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I work to create a safe and judgment-free zone to explore life’s challenges and collaborate with you to identify the steps you need to make to move forward. I provide an environment in which you can gain some self-awareness, get to the heart of your challenges, and then I walk with you as you take those first steps towards becoming your authentic self.

My experiences spans over five years and I’ve worked with a variety of ages and with diverse populations. I received a Masters of Psychology from Phillips Graduate Institute and have been trained in several evidence-based practices to address a range of concerns.
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