Anxiety and Stress

The only way out is through...

Feeling Stressed Out and Anxious?

Do you ever wonder why you work so hard, for what and how you got where you are?  Do you feel underappreciated or even feel unacknowledged?  It’s when we start asking ourselves these questions that we are probably experiencing feeling of stress or even anxiety in our lives.  It’s when we start to feel that what we are doing is not enough or that we are feeling unfulfilled.  This may result in feelings of resentment, anger, frustration, worthlessness and an unrelenting sensation that we are stuck in the situation without any choices.  We may start to feel symptoms such as insomnia, hopelessness, worthlessness, sadness or depression, lethargy, anxiety or even have physical complaints.  Whenever we are in a situation where we feel our options are limited the stress can be overwhelming.  Stress may be treated by the independent therapists who are affiliated with Soultenders, and  people who reach out for assistance are usually quite successful.