Cecilia Penailillo

Cecilia Penailillo

I am an EMDR trained Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is passionate about my work and a firm believer that inner strength, determination and hope can lead to growth. I continue to work with adults, teens, young adults and couples who deal with a wide range of behavioral and emotional problems; such as Depression, Anxiety, ADD/ADHD and Trauma.

I was born & raised in South America. Therefore, I understand the challenges of raising a family abroad. Taking a supportive stand & learning effective communication will increase the chances of overcoming cultural challenges and/or conflict.

I received my MA in Counseling Psychology at Ryokan College and I have worked for most 12 years providing therapeutic services to individuals, families and couples.

Prior to my work as a LMFT, I spent almost 11 years working as a behavioral consultant who provided behavioral support trainings to parents as well as school consultations to teachers. My work focus also included presentations and workshops on Behavior Modification Theory; especially targeting children and adults with developmental disabilities (i.e. Autistic Spectrum). I have helped many families to navigate the challenges of raising healthy individuals with developmental disabilities. Currently, I continue to conduct Behavioral Modification Workshops several times per year at a local Regional Center.

Please know that if you are looking for support in the area of Immigration, I can be of great help to you as well!

I currently conduct Mental Health Assessments for applicants seeking legal stay in the US under U-Visas & Provisional Waivers. My evaluations are professional & comprehensive. They contain all the information required by the Department of Homeland Security to help your case.

Call or email me if you have any questions.
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