Divorce Support Group

Divorce Support Group

We Will Listen and We Will Care

Divorce Support Group


Dealing with the aftermath of divorce creates a tumultuous feeling. Not only does one struggle with rebuilding their life, but having to repair the damage to their self-esteem. Divorce can feel like being a failure. It becomes difficult to talk about the myriad feelings of anger, shame, blame, guilt, doubt, and rejection.


In this group we not only provide support but insight as well. Through in depth discussion you will better understand your reactions toward the divorce and be able to navigate through the divorce process easier. You will be able to share your reactions with others and learn to identify and express your feelings. The challenges you will face will not be embarked alone. Having a supportive environment will ease the grief process. Divorce has many stages; it is not an event that happens and once it is finalized you will be done. Rather understanding the stages of divorce and knowing where you are at helps in managing easier.

Group meets every Wednesday evenings at 5:30.

Please contact Maureen Leigh, MFT for more information.