Dr. Ray Hwang, PsyD

Dr. Ray Hwang

I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Southern California, and a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University Los Angeles. I graduated from Antioch University Santa Barbara with a Doctorate of Psychology Degree in Clinical Psychology with emphases on family systems and family forensics. I am a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and a licensed psychologist (PSY 27910) with the California Board of Psychology.

I have a keen interest in facilitating my clients' understanding ofthe potential issues adversely affecting their mental health byexploring the dynamics involved in the interplay between theirinternal forces and factors in their external environments. My goal is to promote the well-being of my clients by encouraging and supporting their development of coping skills, perspective taking, confidence and competence, acknowledgment andacceptance of self, mindfulness, and insights as they engage fully and actively in the therapeutic endeavors. I have experience working with clients from a diverse ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds. I have conducted individual, couples, family, and group sessions using a wide array of interventions from a range of therapeutic modalities to address issues related to adjustment, acculturation, anxiety, depression, life transitions, loss and grief, trauma, self-esteem, communication, intergenerational/parent-child/relational difficulties, and other behavioral or mental health problems.

I am a therapist with an integrative style and trained in a scholar-practitioner model in the field of clinical psychology. I am particularly sensitive and attuned to the multifaceted influences that shape, reinforce, or perpetuate the individuals' physical, psychological and emotional experiences. I feel treatments must be individually focused and take into account all relevant content and contextual aspects affecting the individuals in order to be most effective, even though manualized or standardizedprotocols may afford the clients well intended guidance and structure to address the targeted issues at hand. I strive to workwith my clients to identify constructive meanings or narrativesof their personal experiences. My goal is to provide support and nurturance on their paths for self discovery and healing, and to encourage their taking the important and pertinent steps to affectpositive and sustained change and growth. This may include thetransformation and transcendence, not only within the context or scope of their respective selves, but also in the extent of their interpersonal relationships as well.

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