Dreams are the guiding words of the soul.


The Practice of Dreamwork

Dreamwork is a diverse practice. Most Dreamworkers today are not concerned with the questions of why we dream, nor even what they mean. Many are teaching others to use their dreams as a tool for self development, or as energy to be harnessed. Some psychotherapists still use dreams as a starting point for conscious analysis while Spiritual healers and hypnotherapists continue in more shamanic traditions. Dreamwork can be practiced alone or in conjunction with other healing modalities. The most common aspects of dreamwork include:

  1. Paying attention to the dream or dreams
  2. Assigning or seeking some kind of meaning for them
  3. Acting on the dream

Come and explore your dreams with one of the independent therapists who is affiliated with Soultenders. They may help you begin to uncover dream material and teach you skills to process your dreams while pointing out the benefits of understanding your dreams. You may be surprised how much information your dreams have to offer. Dreams offer us information in the form of images and it is within those images that you can learn a great deal about what is happening in your life, what directions you are being led in and possibly what is truly important to you in life.

Dream groups in which you can share your dreams with others and feel connected to others through dream themes are sometimes available with the therapists who are affiliated with Soultenders. A dream group allows you to explore your dreams over time so you can trace themes and reoccurring images and ideas over time. By doing this, you can gain insight to help you give your life more purpose and meaning.

Please feel free to call us for more information or if you have questions.


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