Grief & Loss

The soul always knows what to do
to heal itself; the challenge is to silence the mind...


Grief over a loss isn’t always because someone has died.  We experience loss all the time.  Losses can be a deep, meaningful relationship, a child to a custody battle, a pregnancy, a runaway teen, a job, our sense of self, purpose in our lives, a pet that has run away.  These griefs and losses can also include stress and trauma from changes and adjustments in our lives.  These changes can include marriage, divorce, childbirth, adoption, child custody issues, a new home, career, relationships, weight loss or gain, and graduation.

This may sound strange say, for example, experiencing grief and loss over one’s graduation, but it happens.  Graduation may be experienced as a huge transition from a place where you have become comfortable or even successful to feeling as if the future is uncertain.  You may experience grief over the loss of that safe place; a place you may have created for yourself; something you know; familiarity; a place where you feel secure; a place where you might have even gained confidence and self-esteem.  This is true of many situations such as a marriage, a career, or a new home for example.  But if changes occur in any of these areas we can really be thrown off and we can begin to question many aspects of our lives and typically those questions center around how much control of the situation we have and our own self-esteem and worth.

It is vital to have support during these times; a place to be heard, validated and understood.  It is in these times of change that we need to create a niche for ourselves to feel safe, comforted, or secure.  It is during these times of disconnection, we need to make connections.  At Soultenders, we provide the space and the atmosphere for you to process some of the deepest material you may find yourself overwhelmed by.  The independent therapists who are affiliated with Soultenders can help coach you through these changes and teach you ways to cope with the feelings in order to keep your self-esteem and confidence intact.

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