Lily Renn

Lily Renn

In my work with children, I have found that they have a remarkable propensity to heal if provided a safe place to express thoughts and feelings. Children seem to have a raw sense of spontaneity and creativity and this can lead to finding solutions to struggles and issues that are unique. Children can blossom using creative modalities and I have explored music, visual arts, creative writing and play therapy with my clients. I feel that the bond between parent and child plays a large part in determining the emotional health of the child. I have worked with parents joined by their child to strengthen their bond, and ultimately, to begin to heal wounds that may have been caused by trauma and other stressors.

I have worked with children and teens as a creative writing teacher and visual arts teacher and have continued using creative techniques in my work as a licensed marriage and family therapist. I achieved my MA in clinical psychology at Antioch University in Santa Barbara. I became licensed in September, 2016. I trained at CALM in Santa Barbara where I grew as a clinician working with children, teens and mothers who had experienced trauma or abuse. I also trained as a school based counselor and had a diverse client population.

Children have the gift of being authentic and from this gift, I strive to help the child cope and grow creatively, imaginatively and internally.

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