Sarah Craft

Sarah Craft

My work as a therapist is grounded in Psychodynamic and Attachment Theory, using CBT interventions as needed. I have completed certifications in CBT training through the Beck institute and believe that taking small steps each day to improve your thoughts and behaviors are important tools in changing your life. As we work together as a team, we collaborate to attain these small goals to achieve a more successful future.

Throughout my experience and training as a therapist, I have worked with people suffering from addiction, trauma and various different types of mental illness. I welcome people struggling with any kind of addiction issue, as well as with anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions, adolescents, couples and families into my practice.

Through exploring how our past affects our present, and looking at the patterns we tend to repeat, one can gain a sense of empowerment, and control of their lives. I believe in building a strong therapeutic relationship with my clients, and believe that is the basis for the work we do. My ideal client is someone that understands the time and effort involved in change and is committed to both. It takes courage to reach out and take the step to see a therapist, and I look forward to building a relationship with you and helping you achieve your goals.
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