Self Esteem & Personal Growth

Be yourself…everyone else is already taken.
- Oscar Wilde

The Never Ending Search

Finding your self-esteem seems to be a never ending battle. Most of the time we are our own worst enemy. We form these critical voices (that usually aren’t our own voice) that become a constant companion reminding us we are not enough, we should be more, we could be more, we would have done more if only…we had more self esteem or confidence. Many times this idea of needing to be more is fulfilled through addictions from food to drugs or even shopping or spending or other addictions which give us temporary satisfaction.

Our self-esteem is probably the most unconscious aspect of our life. It is not something we think about everyday but it guides many of our decisions, dreams and goals. We make decisions everyday based on self-esteem and sometimes we don’t make good choices because we don’t feel capable or we feel unworthy. This can become a vicious cycle where we ended up spiraling down into depression and/or anxiety where we become hurt, resentful, angry, frustrated and worthless.

Individual psychotherapy can often be the most effective tool for working with issues of self-esteem. As you become more conscious about your self-esteem and its value and meaning in your life, you can change the way you feel, how you make decisions, how you perform at work, how you relate to others and thus your dreams and goals can become more purposeful and much more fulfilling. It just takes some time, some support and investment in you. Independent therapists who are affiliated with Soultenders can help you develop better self-esteem.